Sarina S. Virginia

Continue Funding for Planned Parenthood

Mr. President, My name is Sarina Shiflett, i am in high school and i live in northern Virginia. The topic i have decided to discuss is your choice to stop all government funding towards the public organization of Planned Parenthood. The government funding towards Planned Parenthood should continue because every woman should have a choice and Planned Parenthood offers more than abortions. Every woman has the choice to decide what happens to their own body this includes carrying a child. There are many reason a woman decides to go through with an abortion and that decision should not be interrupted by any government official or in your case, by a man nonetheless. There are many laws and regulations to make abortion humane as possible. According to Britain's Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, "most neuroscientists believe that the cortex is necessary for pain perception." The cortex is not fully functional until the 26th week of fetus development. Most late term abortions are very rare and are backed up with medical reasons. Some women can not carry a baby to full term because of medical reasons and some women do not want to bring a baby with painful deformities or diseases in the world. Pregnancy and abortions are very intimate and private issues and should only be discussed between the woman and her personal doctor. Abortion should not be decided by other people when it is a very personal decision. Another reason is Planned Parenthood offers so much more than abortions. Very few organizations actually perform abortions. It offers low cost or even free birth control, STD testing, pap smears, and even offers educational and outreach programs. It would not be fair to defund all of government funding because some organizations perform legal abortions. Many young couples and women depend on Planned Parenthood. According to the Planned Parenthood fact sheet, "Three percent of all Planned Parenthood health services are abortions services." It is not morally right to defund a public organization many women depend on, especially on the private matter of sex and abortions. To help with this situation abortions should under be performed under certain conditions such as, no late term abortions unless of evidence of a medical restriction and ultimately all abortions should be legal and performed with respect and safety. In conclusion this decision should not be a public matter and the government should have no say in a woman's decision of her body and life. In conclusion government funding towards Planned Parenthood should continue. Thank you Mr. President for listening and i hope you take into consideration of what i have proposed.