Brandi M. Virginia

The Constititutional Right to Bear Arms

The reasoning behind keeping the Second Amendment

October 24, 2016

Dear President of The United States,

Congratulations on your win of presidency. I would like to discuss the big controversy of the 2nd Amendment. I am writing to you on the topic of keeping the Second Amendment the way it is or amending it a little.

The “Right to Bear Arms” is a constitutional right that should not be taken away. A citizen of the United States should have the right to protect themselves from harm’s way. No one should have to depend on someone else to protect them from danger. The average time response for a cop is 10-12 minutes. In those 10-12 minutes, anything could happen. A person could run, get injured, or even die. Within those minutes, someone who has the right to carry could protect themselves and others. Statistics show that the majority of people who buy a firearm buy it for protection.

At the rightful age of eighteen, a citizen can purchase a firearm. In their minds, it’s something new and they couldn’t do that before. Crimes that are committed with a firearm have a suspect that is younger than 30. This is due to the fact that owning a firearm is new to people under the age of 30.

As a way to help this problem, the age at which someone can buy a firearm should be changed to 25. Another problem solver could be making the background checks more through. If anyone has been accused of a crime or was involved should not be allowed to buy a gun until it has been ten years since the crime was committed.

Please take my thoughts into consideration when you decide what to do about the Second Amendment.




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