Chloe W. Missouri


Suicide is the 10th most leading cause of death in the US

Dear Future President,

 I'm just going to go straight to the point. On average, 117 children commit suicide a day. Like that's a lot to me - too many. Each year 42,773 Americans die by suicide. The average age for suicide is 15-24 years old. I think that you should reach out to those age groups and talk to them about it. I know you probably have more important things to do then to talk to people about depression, suicide, and bullying but it is a chronic issue in our community. 

Maybe if someone on the stronger community took control this would maybe be stopped. You want people to listen to you right? Then I suggest you take control and help people out. I know you might not listen to me because i'm only 13 but I know a lot about this stuff. Maybe Americans would respect you if they knew that when they send their child off to school that they will be safe and will not be bullied or will not try and do anything to hurt themselves in anyway. Maybe, just maybe, people would care about what you said or have to say if you most likely took control of the really important things like bullying, suicide, guns, etc. 

I've dealt with depression for 3 years.  I've tried to commit suicide-multiple times. I know how people feel and I empathize with them . I want to take control and help them by reaching out to you and asking you to help them. I know that sounds stupid but trust me that would mean so much if you just would talk about it and took control.

Thanks for your time.


Chloe Williams