Jenesis K. Wisconsin

Poverty In America

No more poverty.

Dear Future President,

A lot of the population of America is in poverty. People - families - are suffering because they don’t have enough money to pay for food, clothes for their kids, paying the bills, etc.. Most families have to choose between paying for the roof over their heads or eating and paying for groceries. There must be something that we can do to stop poverty in America, so why hasn't it been done yet?

I believe that we should stop poverty in America. Tons of studies have been done to show how much of the world is in poverty. In 2015, 43.1 million people (13.5 percent) were in poverty. Families struggle to make ends meet every month. These families aren't being helped and I think we should do something about that. Some families only have one parent to support them and even that's not enough. Other families have maybe 2-3 people working but even then, you still have to make choices as to what you are going to do with the money. The stress with not being able to afford the things that you should isn't fun.

As the President, I think it is your duty to help your people. Families are suffering, kids are going to bed hungry, families have to sell things to be able to afford certain things. I think that this is a very serious issue and it should be taken into serious consideration. Helping these families would mean that; people would be able to afford things for their children, pay the bills, buy good food, and other things. As the President I believe that you should help people in poverty, help them not not go to bed hungry, or them having to sleep in the streets. America’s people need you to help them. The have been things in the past that have tried to help the situation, but have failed. People are still in poverty. People are still suffering. And the people need help. This is a very personal topic because some days my mom and me worry about how much money we have, and if we will be able to make it through the week. My mom and I have had to rely on child support for paying for our food, even though it doesn't help all that much. My mom has always had a plan, and never had I thought that we were poor. That we were in poverty. But it was true. It's a very serious issue that needs to be solved. The new president, I believe, will be able to fix this problem and solve it.