Jolie G. Wisconsin

Women's Rights

An important issue I think the next president should address.

Dear Future President,

I believe you should take more action in giving women equal rights. For centuries, women have been treated subordinately to men. While this issue has improved over the years, women are still denied certain rights.

Women are paid less than men for the same jobs and are less likely to be promoted to executive officer positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for every dollar men make, women make eighty-two cents. This in unfair because women can work just as hard as men do. A 2012 study at Yale University showed that both male and female professors are less likely to mentor women than men. Women are also greatly outnumbered in politics and national legislatures. While they have majority of the jobs in retail, healthcare, and food service, only twenty percent of those executive officers are women. Equality in occupations is a big issue that needs to be addressed before it becomes more and more unjust.

Another problem that needs to be changed is women in the military. They are being denied jobs such as front-line combat and Special Force positions. People claim this is because women are not built for these jobs, and they would only distract the men. I think that if women earn these positions, they should be able to have them because they are just as deserving as men to be promoted in the military.

Women are also facing high rates of domestic and sexual violence. Something needs to be done about this because it is being done against their will, and it is unfair to affect someone’s life like that.

In conclusion, I think that as the next president, you should make more of an effort to give equality and rights to women. If action is not taken now, the future for women will continue to be discriminatory and unfair.