Ami P. Wisconsin

Drug Abuse

Why we should stop drug abuse.

Dear Future President,

Drug abuse has been getting out of control lately and there many reasons why students abuse drugs. Whether it’s peer pressure or wanting relief, drug abuse is increasing by an alarming rate.

Peer pressure is a big reason why students even start taking drugs and after they take them can’t stop. Many kids get peer pressured into taking drugs even if they don’t want to and then become addicts. Other students think that if they take drugs it will make people like them better than before. According to, the percent of 8th graders who use marijuana has doubled from 1 in 10 to 1 in 5. At such a young age kids feel like taking drugs to make them look better in front of their friends when they’re actually not. Peer pressure is one of the main reasons why kids take up and abuse drugs.

Students think that if a drug is used for medical purposes then it’s okay to use it and it would be harmless. That is not true. Drugs can change the state or the occurrence of someone's body or mind. According to, if drugs become more available and cheaper then it will draw in more kids and cause more drug abuse. Some people say that legalizing drugs like marijuana will give kids the wrong message. Some drugs will help with medical problems but legalizing them will not solve the issue of drug abuse.

Addiction is a big part of drug abuse as well and can result in a series of very bad things. According to Fact Monster, after someone uses a drug it is called “psychological dependence” where the mind of a drug user thinks that they need more to survive. It’s like a habit because once someone start using it it’s like they can’t stop. It can also hurt people both physically and mentally. Once a user starts they can’t stop so we should make sure it never starts.

Drug abuse is not a good thing and can hurt our nation's youth. It needs to be stopped. We might not be able to get rid of it but we can definitely control and prevent it.