Dylan M. Iowa

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse needs to outlawed in the U.S once and for all.

Dear Future President,

By: Dylan M.

          Animal abuse is becoming a problem in the U.S, which is sad to say, and something needs to be done to stop it. This is happening all over the world, but more commonly in the U.S. There are innocent pets that are being abused for no reason, other than for just pure pleasure for the abuser.

          Pets are obviously the ones being affected in this situation. In a way, you could also say that the community is being affected in a way because come on, no one wants to hear about, none the less see animals getting abused. Did you know 70.1% percent of all reported animal abuses in 2011 are on dogs, 20.9% on cats, and 24.1% on other animals? Also, most of the cases involve men that are under the age of 30. Seriously, how can someone be so heartless to abuse not only animals, but possibly people? The animals are actually being put into life threatening situations, and a lot of the pets that are being abused actually end up losing their lives.

         There needs to be a solution to this. We are losing precious lives of innocent animals. That cannot happen, it needs to be stopped. One of the solutions I was thinking about is to just ban animal abuse all together. The punishment would be simply be to put the abuser in jail for a certain amount of years depending on how bad the animal was abused, or how long it has been happening. It would be a very simple law that would save many lives of innocent animals. With your help, Mr. or Mrs. future president, we can change the face of humanity.