Brady Iowa

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

Dear Future President,

I am writing to address the minimum wage issue. There are millions of people struggling with living on the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage could put more money into the economy, make some people less reliant on government programs, and could create jobs.

People making more money would mean they are more financially stable. This means they’ll have more money to spend on luxuries. More spending means more money and more jobs. According to American Progress Action this wage boost is what we need to get the economy going again.

An article published on CSN News shows that over one third of United States citizens are dependent on welfare. By raising the minimum wage, it would be easier for families to pay for the things they need without government help. It would also save our federal, state, and local governments billions of dollars.

Another argument on the topic of raising the minimum wage is that it would negatively impact small businesses. In a survey conducted by Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, 67% of small business owners support raising the minimum wage. They also think it would help the economy because the money would be going to the low income workers who would have more money to spend.

Raising the minimum wage could make the economy much better off and bring a lot of people out of poverty, and make jobs. I believe that you, president of the United States will see the importance of this issue and do something about it during your term.

Sincerely, Brady H.