Lucy W. Illinois

Refugees should come into the US

Refugees should be admitted into the US to have a place to call home. In the past, no refugees have committed any acts of terror.

Dear Future President,

Did you know that 4.8 million people have fled Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq? That would be like the whole city of Chicago fleeing, twice. 6.6 million people are internally displaced in Syria. Refugees from the Middle-East should be able to come to the US to have a place to call home.

If the US does not admit refugees, its population would decline. In Japan, the immigration policy is very strict and the population declines by 500,000 people each year. “That makes Japan’s mountain of debt -- the highest as a percent of GDP among rich nations -- hard to service,” (Lee).This causes mass debt because there is not enough people to work jobs. The aging population also makes people less skilled at their occupation. Donald Trump says that he will deport all illegal immigrants, and accept very few during his presidency. The US is already in enough debt and does not need our population declining at rapid rates.

Some people say that 1 of the terrorist involved with the Paris attacks came into France as refugee. The same could happen to the US if we allow refugees to stay here, it is a huge security threat. But, the attacker the people thought came in as a refugee was not found in any countries’ refugee documents. “He did not receive refugee designation from the United Nations or vetting from intelligence agencies. He was never approved for refugee status in any country,” (Bier, par. 2). This quotation shows that the attacker was not a refugee and did not go through the back ground check to even qualify for a refugee. “The history of the U.S. refugee program demonstrates that the lengthy and extensive vetting that all refugees must undergo is an effective deterrent for terrorists. Since 1980, the U.S. has invited in millions of refugees, including hundreds of thousands from the Middle East. Not one has committed an act of terrorism in the U.S,” (Bier, par. 3). This excerpt reveals that since the US began admitting refugees nobody has caused any terror problems because of the thorough background check. Therefore, there should be no crime happening with the refugees.

Could you imagine everything that you know being torn away from you in an instant. People running for their life, in the dead of night, while they here bombs and fighting behind them. Then, when you can run no more you are shipped overseas to a foreign country in a tiny raft holding more people than it should. When you finally arrive somewhere safe you stay in tents with little protection from Mother Nature, or the thoughts of your past life. Nobody deserves to go through what millions of refugees have. The US has to admit refugees. 

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 3/4

Ms. McGovern's Period 3/4 ELA Class

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