Kobe H. Montana

The Nuclear Concern

Nuclear weapons in America and the World is getting out of hand. Our president needs to and should want to stop people from making weapons of mass destruction. Also to stop our own country from making any more if one nuke goes off it is extremely devastating, so imagine if 3 or 4 went off in a war I guarantee the next big war we have will contain multiple nukes if we don't get a hold in the situation.

Dear Mr./Mrs. Next president

I am concerned for nukes in our country and other countries. I believe that if america does not get a hold of who is making nukes and who has the ability to get them. Because nukes are very deadly and can wipe out and devastate it surroundings, therefore we do not want our enemies to have them. I think a good solution would be to get together with the leaders of countries or militaries, scientist anybody to everybody who has enough knowledge or power to create or detonate nuclear weapons. Talk with them and attempt if not got them to stop creating nuclear material. Next if not everybody doesn't stop make an offer to either be an ally of sorts or to get a piece treaty to stop making nukes. Worn them of the importance to stop making nuclear weapons. Maybe even persay them to stop making nuclear weapons and put there mind to making fusion powered cars or or just fusion power in general. Because sometime in the future maybe years from now maybe months we could run out of oil and gas and everything we use to power cars and many other thing. Stuff can turn really bad in just minutes which is another good reason to stop the making and detonating of nuclear weapons. Just think America and or many other countries could suffer from an atomic blast. Just to think if one nuke detonates that is roughly 1.2 tons of TNT going every where. It can and will put out tons of radiation into the area for many years to come. Just look at Hiroshima for example the atom bomb was dropped in 1945. The uranium they used was uranium-235. Uranium-235 can last up to 700 million years so the ground and area around where a nuclear bomb is dropped will have radiation, birth defects, cancer and many other harmful things and it will be there for a very very long time. Next president please do me and our country proud by making our, us feel safer and knowing that enemies like isis and other terrorist groups will have a harder time getting and or creating nuclear weapons. 

Sincerely, Kobe

Billings Public Library

TC - Billings, MT

TA - Billings, MT

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