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Our letter is about how illegal Immigrants should be stopped from coming into the U.S.

Dear Future President,

With your position, you could definitely help with the immigration problem we have here in the United States. Even if immigration is illegal, they still find ways to get in and they still find ways to get money, without getting jobs, and even if they do get jobs, they take those jobs away from legal Americans. Sometimes immigration can let new ideas spread in our country in a good way, but if it keeps up, it will be like 1986. As stated in the article Mass Legalization for Unauthorized Immigrants Is a Bad Idea, “There were nearly three million illegal aliens in 1986”.

The cost of immigration is literally, shooting through the roof. The immigrants that take money (Tax dollars) from innocent americans are expensive. The estimated cost each year to imprison aliens is outraging. It takes even more money for just normal everyday things, in opposing viewpoints in context explains it, “...estimated at $1.5 to $1.6”billion per year. On top of that tragedy, the cost of the illegal aliens per year in all, as stated in Opposing viewpoints in context, “7.8-8.7 billion dollars annually.”

I don’t think anybody wants to overpopulate the U.S. We have to build up a better security, in skill, and numbers, so that if they try to get in, they won’t have a chance to get by our future security team. They come into this country, and they commit crimes, causing 5.4% of the illegal immigrants to be the ones in jail, that could be 5.4% less crime in the U.S. Opposing viewpoints in context explains this here also, “5.4 percent of the prisoners in state and local prisons were criminal aliens.” Our new policy of immigration should be if an immigrant crosses the border, he/she will be thrown into one of our low to mid security prisons, or even fine them and put them in jail.

Other people’s counter argument would be, Opposing viewpoints in context shows this here, “Illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. is good for bringing new culture into our country.” They could be right, but the aliens still take money and jobs from legal, Americans, and that’s what this country is about, right? The United States of America is land of freedom and when people jeopardize either your job and money, the question I ask is, why are you okay with aliens coming into our country and taking the jobs and money that belongs to legal americans?

Another counter argument would be is that they would take the jobs americans don’t want, and actually, a homeless person would be more than happy to earn a bit of money, but some people think otherwise. I agree that some people wouldn’t want to take those jobs but still, if a man or woman can’t find a job and then see’s an undocumented immigrant working for a business they would get mad because they could have had that job and could have gotten money to support themselves and their families. “With the goal of making it in the land of milk and honey, an undocumented alien can work at jobs the average American will not be willing to take.” This Information came from “”. I just don’t understand why people are okay with this horrific thing that happens in the United states, when the homeless Americans could be the result of illegal aliens. Another argument other persons would be, “In 1992 the rate was higher for legalized citizens than people that entered this country illegally.” This Information came from “”

To recap, "Criminal aliens—noncitizens who commit crimes—are a growing threat to public safety and national security, as well as a drain on our scarce criminal justice resources.”(From Illegal Immigrants Threatens U.S security) Maybe knowing what aliens harbor, (drugs, weapons, etc.) people will definitely concur with the points we just made. Our country needs to have higher security because of people sneaking into the United States. A more skilled security team, and more numbers on that team are needed. Also, it would be good to add a more secure interview for jobs that requires an american license, which would help determine whether they are illegal immigrants or legal Americans. This can also help with the crime and gun violence problem in our country, because some aliens bring weapons in our country.

Thank you Mr or Mrs. President for taking your precious time and consideration to read this letter. I hope you put in some thought about this topic.


Sam P and Nicky C

Glenbrook Middle School

Grade 7 English Language Arts

The seventh grade students have researched, discussed, and thought carefully about a variety of issues that challenge our nation and the next president. Here are their thoughts about what the next president must do to improve our country and all of our lives.

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