Teralyn V. Montana


Abortion stops a beating heart.

Dear Future President,

Today there are many murderers, Who do not even know they have taken another one's’ life, Abortion. Abortion is a legal form of killing an unborn child, I strongly believe we should do away with abortion, with the exception of rape victims, incest victims, and life and death situations.

I read a eye opening letter that states, “Yes it is the woman's body, but we’re forgetting the fact that it is also the child’s body” Woman are bringing life into this world, just so they can end it. It’s not the woman's’ heartbeat to end, she doesn’t have four legs and four arms, it was her choice to have the baby, now it’s her responsibility. It doesn’t matter if it’s an accidental baby, you still made that decision.

Some of our biggest problems are that abortion is even legal. Sometimes even encouraged, although women know what they are doing (Taking the life of their unborn child) They do not always see it as a bad thing. We use excuses like “well I can’t afford it” “it was an accident” “I changed my mind” there really is no excuse unless it was between life and death, or rape, or such causes. Yet many of our abortions are not related to any of those, the woman simply doesn’t want the child. None of this would happen so often if abortion was illegal. I Mean… it’s a crime to kill someone isn’t it? Why is it any different to kill a unborn baby? He or she still has a life, A heartbeat.

I read in a letter that teens should be allowed to get abortions, that isn’t a smart idea. It was argued that teen pregnancy causes drop outs and ruin their education, however… they are at fault, intercourse isn’t something teenagers should be doing, they choose to ruin their own life. As for adults… even more of a reason not to be allowed to murder their kid. They are grown, they can make better decisions.

I believe you can start more promotions against abortion, and even try to get a law passed that forbids abortion, Yes America is a free country, but how much freedom is too much?

In conclusion, abortion is murder. we shouldn’t have that right anymore.


Teralyn V.


Billings Public Library

English 1

Skyview High School

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