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Are EpiPen prices to high?

Dear Madam or Mr. President, My name is Aysia and I am a twelve year old turning thirteen very soon who is allergic to eggs,dairy, and nuts. Now already going out to eat and finding foods for me to eat can be hard sometimes,and at restaurants can costs lots of money. Though what really shocked me was the price my parents pay for an Epipen or an Epinephrine injector costs, I never really asked my parents because the thought never crossed my mind. On USA Today there article called “ 5 things we learned from the EpiPen hike hearing” states that Mylan raised the price of a two-pack Epipen in 2009 from $100-$600 .Mylan is a pharmaceutical distributor, and one of the world's leading generics and specialty pharmaceutical companies. This could've been many reasons like wanting to make more profit even though nearly 9 million adults and 6 million kids making around 15 million people that have an EpiPen. Now if you visit Mylan's website you will see that they try to give small communities health care, then why are EpiPen prices so much. EpiPens costing to much may lead to less people buying them, which is already happening. Also, on CNN money’s article called “ Outrageous EpiPen prices lead people to make there own” In this article they state that Dr. Douglas McMahon a Minnesota allergy and asthma specialist. Is making an alternative to the EpiPen called Allergy stop, and the site states it is “an epinephrine delivery device that can fit on a keychain and lasts slightly longer than Mylan’s EpiPen -- about 15 months. Mylan's expires after a year. AllergyStop will cost an estimated $50 for one dose of medicine and the pump, and will require a prescription. The president should care because families who don't have lot of money have to pay lots of money and if you have asthma like I do, You also have to pay for that. So why so much for the price when there are already people taking it into their own hands losing Mylan money. Sincerely, Aysia Wilson

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