Juan U. Minnesota

Police Brutality

I am writing about police brutality and how it is wrong.

Dear Next President,

Police Brutality should be stopped by firing the cop that has caused harm instead of being suspended for a couple of weeks. I find this to be a problem because it’s been happening for a couple of years now and I would like it to end. I would also like your help to make the police force a better place and teach them to not be biased by skin color or race.

The reason this should be stopped because it affects the families of the victim that went under police brutality and they want justice for what the police did. Over the past couple of years blacks and whites have been victims that have been killed by police brutality. Most of the police that harm people aren’t even prosecuted they are usually only suspended from their jobs and that teaches them nothing about what they did wrong.

To fix this problem, prosecute or fire the police officer what they have done instead of suspending them or create a program for police to help them not cause police brutality. If we make this happen the deaths of people that are killed by police brutality will go down.