Calell Washington

Violence in Schools

Violence in schools is a terrible thing to experience. The next president should try to prevent it.

Dear Next President,

School violence is not something that anyone should have to worry about. However, unfortunately it is something we have to worry about. Every day there is the possibility of someone appearing at school with a handgun, or some other dangerous weapon. There is also bullying, which can be also fit under school violence. Violence in schools needs to stop, or prevented as much as possible, since things like bullying will be hard to keep from happening.

School violence is a problem everywhere. Whether it is bullying to school shootings or possibly bombings, school violence happens everywhere and can happen to anyone who may be in the right place at the wrong time. Bullying especially is a big problem. It is constant, it is a horrible thing to feel, and it is hidden.

If bullying or other school violence wasn’t here, then people would be able to go to school without the fear of being harmed by another student or otherwise. Without school violence, no one here would have to fear for their lives; everyone could be a happy, educated student while they’re at school. They would have nothing to fear while at school. No bullies, no school shooters, no suicide bombers. Everyone would be able learn without any problems.

To prevent school violence, one step would be to up school security. Most notably would be to add more trustable adults. All the adults in a school can only look as much as what they can. Even if you have an adult in every hallway, in every doorway, there will be somewhere that would be a blind spot, even a temporary one. If just one, or even a group, of teachers or adults decide to turn their back for just a minute, something can happen. Adding more trustable adults would help to prevent something from happening. Their will always be a blind spot, whether it is the bathroom, or the empty classroom at the end of the hall, a blind spot is somewhere, but upping the number of trustable adults can help to reduce the number of blind spots in schools. One blind spot, and one minute, can be all a person needs to commit some act of school violence. Reducing those blind spots is key.

With the blind spot problem reduced further, students would have less to worry about. More adults means safer schools, and no blind spots means less violence. Less school violence means more successful, and happy, students and staff.

What should be done, is require more security in schools. Although some schools have more security measures, such as metal detectors and private security guards, however not every school has done this. Whether it is funding, or there being a lack of a need to do it, schools should have more security measures to ensure student safety.