Nate H. Maine

School Improvement

The president needs to make sure schools improve

Dear Future President,

A school’s job is to teach their students to succeed in the real world. However, most schools are failing at doing that. You as president should do more to ensure that students graduate from high school prepared for college and/or life.

Twenty-six states require children to attend school until age sixteen, the rest until seventeen or eighteen, but we should ensure that all children stay in school until age nineteen.  This is because it will take a while for them to get on their feet because they don't have the proper education to get them through life if they don't stay through high school.

Most schools go with the Common Core or the normal teaching method for the area. “One Size Fits All Education” is when 45 states in America will be learning the exact same thing. What if this method of teaching doesn’t fit the learning capabilities/qualities of a student? Like me. Most students can’t get help from their parents/guardian because the “Common Core” is different now than it was when their parents were in school. The main focus of the learning should be up to the student, they know them self better than anyone else. They know their strengths and abilities also the topics that interest them the most. Scientists are always finding new way to make cars or phones but no one is trying to find a new way to learn or teach. Because everybody has different talents or abilities. That is why you should change the way schools are run.


Nathan H.