Khanh N. California

Bullying is a big problem

Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students, and it has everyone worried, not just the kids.

Dear Future President,

Today, many students are afraid to go to school because of the intimidation. Bullying in school is a big problem with all the kids, as well as their parents and teachers. Because the adults can not always see it, so they may don't understand the consequence of it. I'm writing this letter for you because I think many students really need help. I know that because I was a victim. 

Victims of bullying can get many affected, such as depression, low self-esteem, poor grades, health problems and even suicide thought. Students who are bullied know that they should report about it with others, but only some of them do it. The reasons may be because students don't want to let the adults know their secret. But unfortunately, the bullies know it and then they start bullying them. Cases of bullying also through media. Bully posted clips or status. Then others start to comment and judge the victim. That also affects victims. 

Students who intentionally bully others should be held accountable for their actions. Those who bully their peers are also more likely than those students who do not bully others to, such as get into frequent fights, steal and vandalize property, drink alcohol and smoke, report poor grades, perceive a negative climate at school, carry a weapon. When bullying continues and a school does not take action, the entire school climate can be affected in the following ways. The school develops an environment of fear and disrespect. Students have difficulty learning. Students feel insecure. Students dislike school. Students perceive that teachers and staff have little control and don't care about them

Not all students who bully others have obvious behavior problems or are engaged in rule-breaking activities, however. Some of them are highly skilled socially and good at ingratiating themselves with their teacher and other adults. This is true of some boys who bully but is perhaps even more common among bullying girls. For this reason it is often difficult for adults to discover or even imagine that these students engage in bullying behavior.

I think you should help kids stand up for them selves and stop the people who are being the bullies. Such as schools can organize after school programs to teach kids how to stand up to bullies. Bullying should be stopped. I hope that you can do something can help us and many of students in your country.


Khanh N.