Alex California

Police Brutality

How can we trust our police if innocent people are being killed?

Dear Future President,

There is a serious issue in modern day America that needs to be dealt with. It is police brutality and it has caused people to fear police officers rather than feel protected. Police officers are presented with a special level of authority to abide by the law and enforce it. It is strongly evidenced that racial issues do take a part in police brutality, especially towards Black people. According to, “a quarter of the 400 annual deaths reported to federal authorities by local police departments were white-on-black shootings. What's more, the analysis indicates that 18% of the black suspects were under the age of 21 when killed by the police, as opposed to just 8.7% of white suspects.” Despite what soldiers in the Civil War and Civil Rights activists fought for, racism is still being condoned through police brutality.

This affects the community as police officers are people whom we’re supposed to trust with our lives. However, how can people trust such officers who don’t even abide by the laws? These reported incidents of police brutality has been bad for police publicity and they later become representations of how the public views police. People would actively avoid police officers regardless if they do something wrong or not. It’s unfortunate how people don’t even feel safe around the police. Police officers are supposed to the people’s protectors; no more do the people want to continue seeing the as oppressors.


Alex H.