Madeleine B.

Schools need Art

Art classes should be required to schools thru K - 12

Dear Future President,

In my school, my life has been going great, especially in art class. Reasons that art made a big a big change about myself because it kept me calm from my special need of helping and I like it. And that’s when I have to talk about, art classes in all schools. You see, most schools in the states can’t afford art programs in their schools. It’s because of budget cuts and schools keeping a sharpened focus on other important subjects. Some students also can learn about music, drama, or any other things.

About like 3 to 4% art programs have in elementary schools and about like 40% in secondary schools that arts that needed to be required. Some say that art can increases student self-esteem on to empathy for others and improves teacher-student relationship. It also can decrease bullying and teen depression and improve the climate of the school. Art can be like putting your thoughts on a visual format to show the others about what they see, appreciate, and criticize their artwork.

Some people are amazed that “going to the art room” is like a reward. It also a room where they ask students to be their bravest selves by drawing something creative of their thoughts, then hang it up on a wall to show everybody and let them what do they think. Mostly important to other artists, they also wanted to hear what other people think about their artwork. So my conclusion to my issue is, art schools should be required in all schools, so people can show creativity talents.

From Lewis Middle School 8th grade student,

Madeleine Rose Baez Mozo

Lewis Middle School

Ferro, English 8 Cluster

Period 6 and 7

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