Rene T. California

Police Brutality

Police Brutality has been an ongoing problem for years, and its only getting worse.

Dear Future President,

There are many issues occurring in the country at the moment, but there is one in particular that has affected everyone which is police brutality. Police Brutality is a problem that anyone can suffer from, but in our society it has mainly affected African Americans and Caucasians. Some police officers have overstepped their boundaries of force and have gone to big extremities such as killing people. This is a problem as there have been numerous incidents where police officers have used excessive force when it was unnecessary. Most and nearly all incidents that have been documented have involved African Americans.

The 21st Century is quite possibly the worst era in time to be committing such inhumane acts as people have the resources to record everything at any given time. People also have the luxury to post it on social media and a video can go viral in a matter of minutes. The most famous and known case of police brutality is that of Rodney King, an African American citizen who was beaten senselessly by police officers, was sent to the hospital after having endured severe injuries to the head and body. 20 years ago it was difficult to publicly share something to everyone, but nowadays anything can be shared to the world with just the click of a button. The police officers whom had beaten King were sent to trial but all of them were acquitted which served as injustice to King and any African American. Police officers should be held accountable for their actions, especially if they are unable to control their temper with the citizens of the United States of America. Police officers are meant to control violence, not cause it. Police officers have to be able to follow the law themselves as well as hold peace at all times. Nowadays everyone is aware of any problem and I hope that you, the next president, can help ensure safety and allow citizens to be able to trust their police officer when they are in need of their help. Please fix this issue and help us, the youth of America, be able to trust in the system that we have been born in when it comes our time to participate more with it.


Rene T.