Juan.J California

Many Mexicans Are Dying Crossing The Border

100th's of people are dying while crossing the border to feed their families.

     Dear President,

There is one issue that has been bothering me. The issue is that many mexicans that try to cross the border are dying. This doesn’t only affect them but it affects that person’s family.

My grandpa crossed the border because in Mexico he wasn’t making enough money to feed my dad or any of my aunts/uncles. When he got to the U.S. he would work in the fields all day and in the night he would transport vegetables. He would only sleep around 3 hours and live in a little room. Around 3 months later he went back to mexico and brought my dad to the U.S. and my dad was 12 years old, on the way one of the persons that came with my grandpa and my dad died of hunger. When they made it to the U.S. my dad would work in the fields during the day with my grandpa. With time my dad became a citizen but he could have died on the way to the U.S. but luckily nothing happened to him. My dad never got an education like I am.

What I want you to do future president is to make it easier for mexicans to get a visa because not all mexicans traffic drugs, some just come to work so that they can feed their family.


Juan J.