Yulianna C. California

Why Are Homeless People Treated So Badly?

In the year 2015 564,708 people were homeless in the United States. And, part of that number 206,286 were families, which is a huge number and it needs to stop increasing.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to you because there's a problem. The problem is that many homeless people are being treated badly, and I don’t like the fact that that is happening. I mean they are humans too right? And they deserve to be treated like humans not like trash. And we as a community have to help them.

I believe that homeless people getting treated badly is wrong because they haven't done anything to you have they? I am addressing this problem to you because it needs to stop and soon. Also, in many cities people are treating them as if they were doing something wrong and as if they are criminals. Which seems wrong to me.

Many of the homeless people are being treated badly and some even killed which is a major problem and I want to do something about it as a human, a kid, and as a living soul because they are humans too. And I can’t do it alone so I need your help to address this problem so it can stop as soon as possible.

One of my ideas to stop this problem is by working together as a community, because one person can’t manage to do it all, but a whole group of people might. Another thing we can do as a community to help them is give them some clothes, food, and shelter. So they can at least not live on the streets, or be hungry and dirty. Thank you for reading my letter and hope you can do everything in your power to somehow address this problem as soon as possible.


Yulianna C.