Yoselin O. California


Immigration is a huge problem in the US

        Dear Future President,

As you start your first term as president, I hope you will think about one of the most common problems in the US immigration.This problem affects the US.Many people that came here illegally have a good reason for why they came here.

Mexican people enter the Us everyday seeking a better life and better oppurtanities for a job.In Mexico theres a lot of poverty and not a lot of people have a oppurtanity of having a good house,the normal ammount of food in their table, and a proper education.You see in Mexico if you were born by a wealthy family your wealthy if your born by a poor family your poor unless your parents find better jobs but its hard for them because some didn’t get a proper education.

There are approximately 720,000 Mexicans who cross the border each year illegally , but half of these are caught by border control.In 2014 more than 11.7 million Mexican immigrants resided in the Us.More than 55% of Mexican immigrants in this country are unauthorized and some immigrants have been here in this country for years.

Donald trump says immigrants are taking away our job but illegal immigrants get jobs that Us citizens are too lazy to do. Immigrants would be happy to at least have a job that will make them earn money to help their family.Mostly all Mexican immigrants work on the fields harvesting fruits for all of us they have to be working to night time,in the hot weather, and they get injured too in the way.When immigrants get deported or you kick them out the harvest might go down also.

Mexicans come to the US mostly to escape problems from their native country, which include stagnant economy, high levels of crime,widespread drug use etc… and also to let their kids have a better life.

I believe illegal immigrants should have a chance to stay in the Us or have a easier way to become a United states citizen.Just because some Mexican immigrants bring drugs and other things bad things to this country … does not mean every single immigrant is a criminal.Society sees immigrants different.


Yoselin O.


Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 6

This class is Ms. Woods's sixth period language arts class.

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