Ethan Missouri

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving has gone way to far in the USA.

Dear Next President,

I'm writing to you today to try and help make this world a better place. I believe that Drunk Driving has gone way too far in the USA. In the article “Drunk Driving” it explains accidents and deaths are caused by drunk driving. It also explains the causes and effects of drunk driving.

People will go into bars, gas stations, and other places and will buy $20 to $100 dollars worth of alcohol each time they go into a place that sells it. For example young adults will go purchase alcohol then start drinking and driving just asking to get into an accident.

The more alcohol consumed, the better chance you're going to be involved in an accident and not only get hurt, but maybe even worst. Alcohol can affect your movement, speech, judgement, and memory. Also drinking and driving is illegal and can get you into serious trouble. If you're a young teen that gets into a crash while being intoxicated then if you don't end up dead you're going to be facing a lot of punishments.

I know everybody doesn't agree with my letter to you, but I don't really understand why. People who drink on a daily basis say that drinking and driving does not affect them, but they only say that because they have yet to get into an accident. The alcohol does affect them, but they have gotten so used to it that they can't even tell. I want you to consider limiting the amount of alcohol a person can buy per each visit to a place that sells alcohol.


Ethan F.