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The Wrong Doing of Immigration

Stop Making These Families Suffer!

   Dear future president ,

We have at least 5 million immigrants living in America. This is a big issue. One of the candidates Donald Trump says, “We will build a great wall along the southern border. And mexico will pay for it.”

I believe that immigrants have a right to a good life. Instead, Mexicans have been treated with a lack of respect. It's not right and Donald Trump come in and talks about Mexicans like their some sort of animals like we all sell drugs or carry gun or rape women and men. I am highly offended by this they have more than a right to feel safe in their home. They should not have to live in fear if they got the help that they needed. The next president needs to take action of this issue .

In 2014, Mexicans had taken up about 9,086,956 jobs in the US. When you take immigrants or try to you're losing a quarter or more of this population. When we take out that quarter we will be low on workers. This could be detrimental to the workforce because you would have to replace millions of jobs. The occupation with the highest amount of Mexicans is farming, fishing, and forestry. All of these jobs are important because they help feed people by growing crops and fishing and it helps companies and stores make money by being able to sell these products.

Another issue that is very serious is immigration laws. This is a very important issue because the immigration law is messed up. Helen Raleigh states that,“Most legal immigrants come to the United States through one of five main channels: family-based, employment-based, political asylum, refugees, and the diversity lottery program.” The law is not organized and doesn't think of the families they are tearing apart. They don't bother to try and help. That's my issue with the immigration laws.

These are my thoughts on immigration and I think you should really consider these issues and try to fix them. Thank you for taking time and reading this.



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