Tyler S. Minnesota

USA Illegal Immigrants issue

We need to stop the Illegal Immigrants the are entering our country and stealing our jobs. Along with smuggling in drugs

There is a huge problem of illegal immigrants entering the United States. They take people’s jobs who are already citizens of America. Which causes our economy to fail and increase the unemployment rate. In 2014 there was an estimated 11.1 million illegal immigrants. (Krogstad p#1). In 2009 57% of the 76% of fugitives wanted by the FBI were foreign born (Coca p#1). In Maricopa County, Arizona 22% of all felons are illegal immigrants (Coca p#1). The people in Arizona are in the most danger. With their state bordering Mexico, and President Obama ignoring the problem has led to an increase in drugs and prison population. I believe that the issue of illegal immigration is the first priority of the next American president because of the increase of drugs, crime and their taking of jobs from the actual citizens of America.

I believe we need to stop the problem of illegal immigrants entering our country. We need to stop the illegal immigrants from entering our country due to the increase of drugs across america. In Pinal County Arizona their seized marijuana went from 19,000 pounds in 2008 to 45,500 pounds in 2010 (Coca p#1). Also The rate of heroin deaths in New Hampshire have quadrupled from 2002 to 2013 to nearly 8,000 deaths in 2013 (Johnson p#1) Federal officials determined that 80-90% of drugs are brought in by illegal immigrants (Immigrationtounitedstates.org p#1). Secondly, illegal immigrants are taking American jobs. There are an estimated 11.1 illegal immigrants in the United States. 51% of actual citizens believe they are fighting illegals for jobs (Silva p#1) About 93 million Americans don’t have jobs (Zumbrun p#1). Imagine if those 11.1 million illegals were not here that would be at least 10 million new jobs for the American people to have. In conclusion it is in the best interest of the American government to fix our illegal immigrant problem.

Lots of illegal immigrants are trying to get a better life started. I understand why they want to come to our country but there is a process to enter. It can take up to 5 years to become a citizen in America (reference.com p#1).  But you cannot come in illegally and ruin others lives just for yourself. I believe the illegals intentions are good and that we need to make our process to citizenship more streamline.

I believe the president should build a wall around the border of Mexico. Also increase border patrol and get them the funding they need to perform well. Lastly fix the slow and ongoing immigration process. This problem connects to global goal 8 because with the removing of the illegals would increase jobs and the economy in the United States. This is a priority for the next president if they want to stop the drugs that are entering our country at an alarming rate. Also if they care about the american people and their jobs they will help find a solution to the 11.1 million illegal immigrants.

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