Gabrielle California

Healthy Eating Program

This letter is about how the healthy eating program should stop and the food should go back to normal

Dear President,

My name is Gabrielle Bailey and i’m going to be talking about school lunches. In 2010, Michelle Obama created a Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. This act has required school lunch programs to serve healthier food, which includes fewer calories and starches, more fruits and vegetables. For example, two percent chocolate milk , is replaced with skim milk.

This Healthy Hunger Act has caused a lot of disagreement. Participation in lunch program has fallen 70 percent. Also, student have organized lunch strikes, and online organizations to boycott the school lunches, and to stop the program all together. Before the program started, the school lunches cost $2.50, now with the Healthy Hunger Act, it costs $2.60. This means that the prices went up by 10 cents.

Just like everyone else, I have my own opinion. That is why I beleive school lunches should go back to how it use to be. I personally think all this program did was have kids not want to eat lunch at all. From my own personal experience, if I forget to bring my own lunch to school, I usually won’t eat at all. Before the program started, I would always eat school lunches.

In conclusion I think the lunches should go back to normal, kids will start eating at school again, including myself.


Gabrielle Bailey 



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