Bryan California

Teenagers Living the American Dream

It is difficult for immigrants to come to this country.

6 September 2016

Dear future President,

You might not know that there are a lot of children who come alone to the United States looking for a place to stay, a place where they can live safely. They are running out of their country because they suffer violence from gangs and abuse, and they obligate kids to sell drugs on the streets. If they don’t do what they say they are going to get killed. I am Bryan, I’m from Honduras and I’m 16 years old. I came to this country illegally, but I’m in the process of becoming legal citizen in this country. I am writing today to tell you how kids from Central America suffer on their way to this county and they came here to get a better life and to be successful.

According to “More Kids Coming to U.S. Illegally on Their Own” by, “many kids say that they are fleeing violence from gangs and drug dealers”. That means that they run away from their country because gangs are trying to control them and make them sell drugs on the streets. They came to this country to look for refuse and be safe. This is important because the kids suffer abuse in their country. They shouldn’t be deported to their country because over there their lives are in danger, and they are in risk of being raped by the gangs.

In addition, according to “More Kids Coming into U.S. Illegally on Their Own” by, “Authorities caught 24,481 children in 2012 crossing the border alone.” That means that many small kids and teenagers are alone on their way to the U.S. and they can get lost and they can get hurt. This is important because the President should not deport the children’s parents, then they won’t be alone. You need to help by letting parents stay in this country. You should do a migratory reform and give the parents the choice to bring their children legally, so they won’t have to risk of suffer abuse or violence on their way to this country.

Finally, according to “More Kids Coming into U.S. Illegally on Their Own” by, ”others are trying to break free from poverty and get a better life in the United States, or they are trying to reunite with family members already here.” That means that are a lot of families coming to this country because they are looking for a better life. They are looking for a place where there is no more poverty and where they can have what they cannot achieve in their counties. Also, they come here because they are feeling alone in their country and they come here to be together with their family members that are already here. This is important because a lot of kids come to this country to see their mothers or fathers. They may not have seen them before and they want to meet them. That’s why they take the risk to come to this country alone. They don’t care what will happen to them, because what they have in mind is to see their parents again or meet them for the first time.

You should care because there are millions of kids trying to cross the border and a lot of them die in their attempt to cross the border. You should give those kids a visa, because a lot of their lifes are in danger in their country. Also because they suffer a lot in their way to this country, sometimes they don’t even have anything to eat or drink and that is really sad because they are just kids they don’t have to suffer like that. Future President please listen to what I am telling you about the situation that immigrants are in.



Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

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