Adam Wisconsin

Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants should stay

Dear, Future President:

Let the illegal immigrants in our country stay because it would take too long and too much time to deport about ten or eleven million of them, plus if they didn’t even do anything wrong, there is no valid reason. We should keep the immigrants because they bring culture to the United States. Also, if we didn't have culture we wouldn't be the same country because we are the country with different cultures and foods. And the immigrants don’t do anything wrong they just live their life just like how we live ours and if they do anything wrong they would or will go to jail or be deported back to their country.

The immigrants pay taxes which is a big part of helping our country. If they didn’t pay taxes, I would say they should be deported but since they pay taxes and contribute by helping the economy I say they should be allowed to stay. Also, since it's not the nation’s top problem and they aren’t doing anything wrong they should not be deported. Also many of the immigrants should have a chance at an education if they are under eighteen or are going to college.

They also take the jobs that many of the United States citizens wouldn’t want that much. And the immigrants would be happy with freedom and a well paying job. They could also have a good life and support their family.

We should keep the illegal immigrants because they help grow the economy by paying taxes. They take the jobs somes United States citizens won’t want or need at the moment. Also they bring culture to our country with different religions and beliefs.

Sincerely Adam