Diana G. California

Things that the President Must to Know About Immigrants

Children are coming to United States because in their own country they are suffering violence; they need receive help to get a better a life and a future for their family.

Dear future President,

You might not know how many children are suffering crossing the border or being abused in their country and this why they are emigrating to the United States.

I am Diana, a student at Locke High School. I’m from El Salvador and I’m an immigrant like many people here. I want you to know that I’ am against deportation for immigrants, because many children are here to get a better future. Maybe you don’t know that in their country they suffer abuse. In America many people are disagree with deportation, because they are afraid. They don’t want to go back to their country and you know that they are here with their family for a better life.

Many children are coming to America to get a better life. In Central America there is much poverty and violence. Almost always the children suffer abuse from gangs in their country, that is a reason why they decide to emigrate to United States. According to the article “More kids Coming into U.S Illegally on Their Own,” “Many say they are fleeing violence from gangs and drugs dealers. They are also trying to get away from abuse, sometimes by their own family members.” This means that teenagers cross the border illegally because they suffer abuse in their country and sometimes from their own family. This is important because the government have to know the reasons why they decide to emigrate to United States, because they are here to get a better future in their life without being abused.

In Central America there is many poverty. People are coming to United States to get a better life or to reunite with their family. They suffer crossing the border with their family just to get a better life for their family. According to the article “More kids coming to U.S. Illegally on their own” says “Others are trying to break free from poverty and get a better life in United States. Or they are trying to reunite with family members already here.” This mean that many people are crossing illegally to get a better life without care if they died crossing the mountains and deserts. This is important because people coming to get a better life for their family. In conclusion you as the President can take care about people that are coming to America with their children to get a better life because they can't go back to their countries because they came here to get a better life and a better future.

As the president, you should care because in United States there are many people who need a better life for their family and you as president would help them giving legal papers. Maybe you don’t know how many children there are without family because they lost them crossing the border. What will happen if all those children come back to their country, they will be alone. Or worse, will they go into gangs without an education. We need that you as the President, help us giving us visas or giving a law that supports the immigrant because if they are deported they will not have a better future for their family. You must think about the children that are here because in their country they were suffering violence from gangs and drugs. According to the evidence you might care about the reals problems that are happening with the population, I hope that you can help us.



Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

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