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Coaches get payed for what?

Dear future President

               Athletes are active,energetic, and are fit. During their practice they are running, jumping, lifting, or even hitting, but what does their coach do, nothing but stand and talk. Did you know that some of the hard working athletes don't get payed, yet the coaches do?

               Can you believe that coaches get paid millions of dollars a year and the athletes only get paid $2,000 dollars a year. You can say this is good that coaches get paid for nothing or you can say this is bad that athletes get paid for doing the work.

               Now this is a little much that Cristiano Ronaldo is the top paid athlete, he gets paid $88 million a year, with a salary of $56 million and a endorsements of $32 million, just in soccer alone. The lowest income is a baseball player Buster Posey gets paid $20.8m, his salary is $17.8m, and for Endorsements he gets $3m. $9,004,000 + 1,325,000 is what the top coaches get.

              I think that so many professional athletes do not get paid for all their hard work playing and then the coaches get paid billion of dollars for yelling and doing nothing. Don't get me wrong, but getting paid for what you do is wrong  but when you have a coach that does nothing, you need to rethink who your paying.

            Coaches should not be getting paid and the athletes should be getting paid way more that the coaches like in paragraph three. Just think, do school football teams get paid, or do just the coaches. If you were a player and your coach got paid more than you how would you feel or if you did not get paid at all how would you feel if you knew that your coaches got paid.


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