Quichard S. California

Future President

This letter is about making the right decision to our countries.

Quichard Souffrant

San Jose, California.

Dear Future President,

My name is Quichard and i live in California I am writing to you because because America needs someone who cares about them and i believe to have someone that’s in control and do the right thing they will follow the lead. When you are president, I hope that you will help Americans by doing the right thing and taking good care of our countries. In my experience, I found out some of our president are selfish.

Tax policy is an important issue in America because not everyone is wealthy in our planet. I believe we want to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share, because they are the people who has the money and they should do their part too. According to Article progon.org , it can be said that some people are not paying fair and share. Demonstrates shows that our college should be free. Based on research I found out they want everyone to have a gun. The guns and violence draws attention to the fact that a lot of people could ending up dying.

In conclusion, i hope u get rid of the guns and violent stuff unless they really need it. . When you are president, I hope that you will support laws that can protect our countries and don’t only care about yourself. I also hope that you will make the right decisions and makes us proud.

Sincerely, Quichard Souffrant