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Why should college athletes get paid

College athletes should get paid for what they do for there school's and how they risk there lives every time they play

Dear Future President,

    I’m writing this letter because I believe that College athletes should get paid. College athletes bring an incredible amount of money to their school. A fair percentage of the money should be given to the athletes for the popularity and success that they bring to their school. Another reason is because in game day or practice they put their health on risk.                                                                                                                                                                                                         One issue that college athletes have is that they spend about forty hours a week dedicated to their sport and also  school work to complete. They really don’t have anytime to work and get their own money to pay their debt or pay for their needs such as food, transportation, etc. Another issue that is important in this topic is that the college market capitalizes specifically on the players.College athletes should be able to get some of the money that the ncaa market gets off them for there popularity and preformance. Mr President, College athletes getting paid is a topic that affects thousands of college athletes in the United States. “Success produces Success just as money produces Money.” It is essential that we do address college athletes getting paid, because if we don’t, then more College athletes won’t have money to pay their college debt once they get out of college or have a place to live after college so that’s what will start happening if you don’t do anything about it. So here Future president so you could understand what i’m trying to do, i’m not asking for you to tell the ncaa to pay them million dollar contracts,they just need money for themselves and they should receive that money for what they do. I’m going to say this one more time future president we need to start paying college athletes this might not sound like a huge problem for you but this is for our college athletes as a 7th grader who has dreams to become a college athlete I want to be able to receive a least a anything,for what i’m going to do for that school.


Ivis Carrasco

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