Jade O. California

Grocery Tax

Dear Future President, My name is Jade Oliver, and I live in california. I am writing you because America is raising taxes and I believe taxes should stay the same on groceries. When you are president, I hope that you will help Americans by not raising the taxes on groceries but raising it on soda. In my experience, raising the taxes will hurt businesses and families. Grocery tax is an important issue in America because it will force small businesses to raise prices, accelerating the rising cost of living in Oakland. I believe this because i've seen people talk about it on commercials. According to oaklandnorth.net , it can be said that will affect “mom and pop” grocery stores who would have to raise the prices on all their products. Based on research they should not raise the taxes. This draws attention to the fact that People are getting type 2 diabetes from soda. In conclusion, I think the future president should focus on grocery tax. When you are president, I hope that you will support laws that America supports. I also hope that you will do what's best for America. Sincerely, _Jade Oliver_