Mysha Iowa

Lack of funds to schools

Schools are lacking funds, so the future president needs to speak out and push forward into helping schools in need of money.

Dear Future President,

Do you know schools are lacking funds? Schools need donations to help the students and staff members. If the school doesn’t have enough books for the classes of students it is harder for the teacher to teach. I think that you future president need to speak out more and push for legislation about the lack of funds to schools. Many schools may not have all the necessities they need. Some schools may not have enough money to buy new books, to get air conditioning, or to give the teachers and staff the money they deserve. Schools use fundraisers to help get some money, but it would help if you, future president, generously send some donations out to the schools in need of money.

There are many causes due to lack of funding to schools. For example some schools cut kids out of schools. There are kids skipping school and that leads to dropouts. The reason why schools are cutting students is because the school doesn’t have enough money to support many students. By supporting students means having enough money to buy enough food, having enough money to buy books for all the students. Dropouts happen because maybe a student feels like they aren’t getting things like the other students are getting. “ Most states raised “general” funding per student slightly this year, but twelve states imposed new cuts, even as the national economy continues to improve. Some of these states, including Oklahoma, Arizona, and Wisconsin, already were among the deepest- cutting states since the recession hit.”

Due to the lack of funding to schools there are many effects happening. For example teachers are not getting the money they deserve because the school has to use the money to support students. The lack of funds to schools also affects the student's education levels. Students need good education to get into a good college to get a good paying job. The teachers also need to get paid what they deserve so that the money they are paid can help them at home. “It is a little known fact that when it comes to funding schools, the U.S. government contributes about ten cents to every dollar spent on k-12 education--less than the majority of countries in the world.”

Many people have different perspectives on this kind of topic. Some people really don’t care what happens to the schools or don’t even pay attention to what happens. Then there are people who care about what happens to the schools and want to help collect money to help fund the schools. “ The Safe School Act of 1933 is, according to the Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, the first federal program that would allocate funds to local school districts for the specific purpose of safety.” There are also people that don’t know about the lack of fundings to schools but might want to learn about what is happening and possibly help out. My perspective is more valid to this letter because I’m the one writing this letter to you future president.

I would like you, future president, to help send some funds to schools in need of money. I would also want you to speak out more about this topic to the people of the United States. I want the people of the United States to know about this problem and want to see at least some donations to schools over the U.S.


Mysha Cannon