Madi C. Michigan

College Tuition

The cost of college tuition has continued to rise since 1975.

Dear Next President, 

 As a soon to be freshmen in the last 4 years of my school career, I am very concerned with the cost of college tuition. College tuition has been steadily increasing. “Back in 1975-76 for community college was 2,387 dollars for 4 years” (Tuition). Half to ⅔ of college tuition money goes to pay the (instructors), but now it is 15 times more than that just to go to college. We are going to college to better the world and ourselves. Without us going to school, the world would not have Architecture, Engineering, Medical Fields, and so much more. Now people are raising the amount, so only the people with lots of money can go.  

I don’t believe that only the wealthy should have access to schooling, because anybody can go to college, but not everyone can pay for the proper schooling they need. People with college degrees get payed up to 60% more than just regular high school (graduates). With the tuition raise, it is actually hurting us more than you think it does. If kids are barely making it out of high school, how do you expect them to make it through college? My brother has been working since he’s been a freshmen to try to save for his college tuition, but with the tuition raise it is very difficult trying to save for college because it keeps getting higher and higher. He struggles trying to work and handle school just to make up the hefty debt of college. So, as the next president, I hope you take my thoughts into consideration for the health of the America you love. Thank you for your time 

 Sincerely, Madison