psalm Illinois

Please Make America Great Again

I have a request regarding undocumented immigrants, the wall, and America's Judicial system.

Dear President Donald Trump,

I have a request regarding undocumented immigrants, your wall, and the judicial system, and I hope you will consider it. With my request, along with your plans, I hope you can make America great again.

I do understand your intentions of building a wall on America’s Southern border, with Mexico paying for all of the expenses. I honestly think the United States and Mexico should split the cost of building it, if possible. Mexico may feel enraged if they pay for building the wall. This may lead to tensions between America and Mexico. How will America be great again if tensions with Mexico block the way? America already has so many problems on its shoulders, such as unemployment and ISIS, and I do not want any more problems to accumulate. I hope you feel the same way, too.

As for the undocumented immigrants, I request that undocumented immigrants facing criminal charges must face an extremely fair trial, without any loopholes, to determine whether they are guilty or innocent. If an undocumented immigrant is proven guilty, deport them without hesitation. Otherwise, let the immigrant stay and let him/her help America prosper. I hope the trial assures no corrupt activity between the judge, jury, and the lawyers. I do not know how that is possible, so that is up to you. I absolutely hope for America to abolish a corrupt judicial system.

For the past eight years, America showed some growth, but not enough to call it great. As you step into office, I hope you consider my request, along with other citizens’ requests. Our requests and ideas may help you achieve your goal. I really do hope you make America great again. Americans always longed for a greater country, and I hope you can fulfill their dream.


Psalm DeVera