Laila T. Illinois

Eradicating Poverty

We can work together to help people get out of poverty

Dear Future President ,

Did you know that according to the UNO, 836 million people worldwide still live in extreme poverty. For example, I watched a video entitled, “ Living on the street at 12 in Niger.¨ In the video I learned about a 12 year old boy who lost his family . His name was Mamadou and his earnings were about 50 cents a day . He also quit school when he was only 9 YEARS OLD! So that being he has no education.

Another quote from the text is “ After 3 years , I gave up school . I was fed up. ”¨ ¨Before I had four friends. I met new ones ( on the street ). ¨

So what I want to change is to have less people going through poverty. One way to do this in to make sure all communities have resources to provide tools to become educated. In the country of Niger, it it reported that 60 % of people suffer from poverty. It is also reported that the educational primary rate for primary school is 29% and this is the building blocks of life which starts in the beginning. To earn money Mamadou sold scraps of tin and he also had friends from the streets as well. In the text it says ,¨ My dad had a shop. He died from high blood pressure when I was younger. I have 4 sisters and I am the fifth.Mamadou collets tin scraps and sells them to merchants and earns no more than 50 cents a day.¨ So after Mamadou works all day with no shoes and looking through the sand just to pick up pieces of metal to sell for 50 cents a day , when he goes to sleep people steal it out of his pocket. The bad thing is that with getting the 50 cents a day is that he does use it for getting little food but he also uses it buy glue ( sniffing glue , it is a drug). But there is a guy named Asuman Aboka you is a social worker who has helped Mamadou stop sniffing glue and he has worked with him for two years which means I am guessing he started these drugs at only 11 years old! In conclusion, what I can do is create a donation of money to go to the people who are in need of money who are going through poverty in places like china or the Sub - Saharan and to fully eradicate poverty!!!!

Sincerely ,

Laila Thomas