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Letter to Future President

This letter is about some small changes I want our future President to make when he or she goes into office.

Dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton, and Donald J Trump,

The Second Amendment states that a well regulated militia should be armed to defend a free state from attackers. Today we have a trained, well equipped and capable, deployable force at our disposal. So realistically we do not need any sort of firearms to use. Because of this I would like you to put a restriction on owning multiple weapons, or any weapons unless you have a permit and a pristine record. If firearms are not retracted or tracked, people everywhere can be capable to just pull out a gun and fire it, at anyone,anywhere. I think automatic weapons in the U.S. should be banned or a very restricting bond placed on them. Personally a pistol is good enough to distress any robber, armed or not. Devices that track when auto weapons shoot should be installed in all conventional assault rifles, except in the military.

Second of all, I would like you to make an agreement on a protection of wild animals and deforestation. I think there should be legislation that prevents deforestation anywhere in the U.S. without a executive permit.

With global warming on the rise, I think you should enforce laws on global warming prevention. Solar panels and green energy should be utilized in all cars and in homes. Solar energy is completely free and can be found almost everywhere. Another interesting fact is that solar energy can be utilized to make other kinds of fuels for cars and other forms of transportation. Hybrids can be an exception. When you do put this law into action, enforce other countries to do the same. Scientists have proven that Global warming has been coming faster than ever. Due to the greenhouse gases we have been releasing from power plants and natural causes, such as volcanoes. Sea levels will rise 7 to 23 inches by the end of this century. By 2040 arctic ice may be all gone for the summer. More than 1 million animal species have gone extinct from this issue

Finally, child abuse, labour, poverty, and, mainly child education. The list of predicaments only grows and expands, and it shows, even on today’s youth all over the world. Some instances for example are in the poor neighborhoods of Chicago and New York City. Approximately, 1.3 million high school students do not graduate college each year. If all the 2010 students graduated our country would have earned 337 billion dollars in total profit. Another fact about child education and other negatives. Nearly 5 children die each day from abuse, also abuse leads to more violent adulthood. Statistics shows that 36% of women and 14% of men in jail were abused as children. Child poverty is another large issue in the U.S. 15 million U.S. children live in poverty and 44% live in low-income families.

Thank you for reading and hopefully considering my acclamation.,



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