Andrew F. Iowa

Athletes' Pay

Salary caps should be put on all professional sporting teams to make the competition more fair.

Dear President,

Many professional athletes today are getting overpaid for doing something they love to do. It is pretty crazy because the average salary for the MLB in the past few years has shot up to nearly $4,000,000! However, there are many players on the field, on the court, or on the ice today that are on a professional team and are working their tails off to be the best they can be, and they are getting paid little. Teams should pay their players by their positions, because they all work hard at their positions, but some just aren’t as talented as others. This is why salary caps need to be put on all teams in every professional sport.

First of all, salary caps would affect most of the players on the team in a positive way. The lower quality players do just as much work off of the field or court as the elite star players, but they don’t get paid as much which is unfair. For example, 2 Blackhawks NHL players this year, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toew, combined their salaries and figured out that their added numbers equaled 29.5% of the Blackhawks cap space. However, when a salary cap is put on for each player on the team, it allows the team to have more in their account to distribute evenly among all of the players according to their positions no matter what their athletic abilities are. Everybody on the team is needed to play a role somewhere, even if it is encouraging from the bench or sideline etc.

Secondly, it makes working very hard to accomplish a goal a waste of time if you don’t get the opportunity to shine or get paid. Only the best of the best get paid the big bucks for their work. If you aren’t quite playing on the highest level, your salary may be dramatically lower compared to your elite teammates. Also, your teammates that are a little better than you, but don’t play as much may still get paid more than you. For example, some of the nation’s top forwards in the NHL get paid the most on the team, but they only play somewhere in between 33-37% of the game on average.

Another reason we need salary caps is that it will make the tickets for fans cheaper because there will already be enough in the organization’s account, which will also reel in a higher crowd of fans, which will end up bringing in even more bank. The owners will also have fewer fees and taxes to pay when they bring in a greater number of fans. More and more of the fans would recognize the low ticket prices, and pretty soon there will be fans from all over the country at one game. It would increase the competition and pressure on each team as the fans pile in. Baseball marketing would spread nationwide as more and more fans would build up in each state.

Now that we have all of the facts to back up the statement that we need salary caps in all professional sports, we need to take action and bring these ideas to the administrators and owner of all of these athletic and sporting teams. We need to explain all of the positives and how all of the players on the team work just as hard as others, and need to get paid the same. We then need to state the increase in ticket sales statements, and how all of these can add up to a more successful program, or organization.

So in conclusion, salary caps put on need to be a requirement in every professional, high-paying sport. These salary caps will greatly benefit the organizations and all of the people and players around it. It will increase the yearly amount of money that comes in, and it will help your team overall, because everyone will want to work that much harder for the starting spot since they aren’t just playing “for the money”. When this money comes in, it will allow the programs to be able to strengthen their abilities and increase their different aspects in many ways. They will be able to buy new equipment for their training facilities and weight rooms which will allow them to raise their performance to the best it can be. So, inducing these organizations to put on salary caps will be one of the best improvements in these athletics. This issue needs to be brought to the administrators’ attention soon.


Andrew F.


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