Judith G. Iowa


Immigrants should not get deported.

Dear Future President,

There were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. Also 2.8 million immigrants have been deported from the U.S. since 2008. People have complained about immigrants, but really don’t know the reason why they come and how others have their own opinions about immigrants, but it isn’t always true. Immigrants sacrifice their life just to have a better life and job than they had before. Being an immigrant and crossing the border could end up bad or good. Immigrants are the topic in everyone's mouth right now, they are the thing that everyone is talking about. Some immigrants want an opportunity, but can’t have the chance. Some families come over, but then get separated because they either get lost in a situation or they get taken away by the police/border patrols which is something that nobody will want to go through. Then you think about who is affected, that’s the child/kid because they will probably live without their parents their entire life. Also just to think about the parents and how they are affected too, because they'll think about their child all their life and how they got separated. Parents are afraid to lose their child. The future president should be responsible and should see what is happening to these families, the world does not want to see this and does not want to know that this happens to humans because we should all be equal and have rights. Immigrants are important too, they work and keep the business going and without them there wouldn’t be a business.


Judith G.