Colin F. Ohio

There Is Only ONE Earth

We live in a amazing and beautiful world with amazing features. It's the only known habitable planet we can live on. The question, why are we hurting it? We may get second chances but the earth does not.

Dear Next President:

The earth is a beautiful and an amazing place to live. Perfect for humans plants and animals alike to live on. My question, why are we hurting it? In order to sustain life a perfect environment must exist earth is one example of this. Proof of this is the other planets to close to the sun and getting to hot or to far away which makes it to cold Earth is the perfect mix. So I believe that one issue that you may need to deal with is the destruction of earth's natural environment. Preventing this may be hard, but is possible and with your help this will help both mankind and the environment a lot. Hopefully you listen to my request with your heart and help not only me but also the world.

The first Major reason is. Many animals are being pushed away from their original habitat in both water and land alike. Animals due to trees being cut and land being torn up is leading animals being pushed from their home. Also water pollution is both killing and pushing aquatic life away. So if this were to continue many more human animal interactions will occur some good some bad. An example of this is when a deer runs into roads and a unaware driver runs it over. Possibly hurting or killing both themselves and humans alike. Another example, When bears hurt humans mistakenly to protect their cubs. Also many animals during winter lose a lot of food due to all this, and wander near humans looking for food which leads to many issues Trying to keep towns and city’s safe.

The second major reason is global warming, The earth has a barrier from the heat from the sun called the Ozone layer. And humans are constantly releasing greenhouse gasses and in turn hurts the layer and wears it down. The more this occurs the more heat seeps through, and raises the temp which melts ice caps and in antarctica. With the ice caps melting it creates more water. Many areas close to oceans like Florida,could lose a lot of land due to the tides being higher. Also if the OZone layer breaks totally the earth's heat will increase tremendously, which could lead to the earth being crisped.

The last reason is that trees are dieing. Trees have wood which humans use for building and fuel and animals use trees as habitats. But humans chop trees down without planting new ones leading to less trees and less wood. Also trees are huge makers of oxygen they take away carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which humans breathe. So if they are all eliminated than a lot of oxygen will be lost. So in conclusion, all these issues can easily be prevented and with your help could mostly be gone by the end of your first term. Thank You for listening and helping this will be greatly appreciated



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