connor clark Ohio

Hunger in America

Lots of kids and families can't afford to buy food. This is a small step to maybe help kids and families be able to have a better life and be able to afford food and a home.

Dear Future President:

33% of people in america alone are starving and in poverty. 13.5 percent of the people are in poverty and 20% of them are under the age of 18. Also those numbers are going up and up because more and more people are starting to have higher bills and not being able to pay for food because of how expensive bills are and everything else. And a lot of children will grow up without their birth parent or parents because the parent could not afford the kid or pay for the food for all of them and end up ditching their kid.

Children and families are starving all over and even though some people have tried to make a difference they can’t help everyone. Statistics show more percent of kids that grow up without parents or homeless will more than likely turn to a life of crime. The amount of children that will turn to a life of crime is 17% of them. The more crime the less money the government and you will make.

Children are dying everyday from hunger and not being able to eat because their parents or parent can not afford food for them. It is especially bad when there is more than one child in the family and that would mean even more kids are going days after days without eating. Do you really think it is good to have children starving all around the world and even in your own country. How do you think it would feel to starve all the time and have to see your friends and family like brothers or sisters or even parents starving to or almost to death that would be terrible to have to see every day.

3.1 million in just kids die a year. To me that is a whole lot more than what it should be. Technically to me there should be no deaths from hunger. Just think about how bad it would be to starve. To me it would suck a lot and to tell you the truth I would absolutely hate it.

I need you to help pay for food and shelters for the homeless and the starving and make sure that no one lives on the street and no one goes hungry. Also I’ve done a lot of research and I have found a lot of facts about it. That's why I need your help we need your help to not only stop but extinguish the amount of deaths from hunger.


Connor clark