Jialu S. New York

Immigration Issue

People move from different country to the U.S. but when the population of immigration growth, the opportunity of jobs didn't growth. Lots of people can not get jobs and they even can not get enough money for their daily life. No law can rule the illegal people in the United States. The population in U.S. keep growing but the economy in our country didn't get growth as well as we thought.

Dear Mister or Madam President,


I am the student in East-West School, I am writing the letter to you because of the problem you talks in the debates- immigration in our country. There is about 61 million immigration in our country, some of them have a good job, some not. I am one of the immigration, I immigrated to the United States two years ago, when I walk on the street I can hear different languages in our city. America is one of the biggest country in the world,  in 2015 there were 42.1 million people immigrated to U.S., America is a immigration country, so we need pay more attention on this issue. 

Immigrates in U.S. want to get better life, to make more money, get equality, in fact they did not get what they want. They need to face on the language problem, to rent house,and to find a new job, all of these things are the problem that they need  focus after they move to a new country. There has a research, "Fully 85 percent say it is hard to get a good job or do well in this country without learning English; only 12 percent say it is easy. " (www.migrationpolicy.org)as we can see there is 73 percent of people think English is important in our country if they want to get a better job. New immigrates can not speak English, they need learn English from beginning, in fact they have no time to learn that. That means if they get into trouble they can not solve the problem by themselves, just like a "illiteracy" in this country. If people want to learn English they must pay for the class, some of immigrates even can not pay for their daily life, how can they pay the classes.  Immigrates in our country always get the lowest payment, do the hardest work.  "Almost seven in 10 (69 percent) immigrants were working full time, part time, or were self-employed at the time of the survey. Only 18 percent report that they or their families had received food stamps."(www.migrationpolicy.org) Lots of immigration in this country get over 8 hours work, but they can not get minimum wage. The law can not protect their rights, because some of them are illegal, they can not pay tax to protect their life, if their company pay cash to them, that means they always can not get the minimum wage.

Our country has equality, freedom,  and government will protect people's rights, people are first. So for more people can get the basic rights in our country, government should try their best to help them get better life. Immigration is a big part in our country, for following the rules, our government should try their best to protect their rights. Immigration also can push our economy growing, because if they have more money, they will get higher consumption level. So protect immigrates' minimum wage is a important thing , they should get what they deserve, that is equal to them.

  1. Government should have a law to protect immigrates' minimum wage also they must implement.
  2. Government can limited the number of new immigrates, that can control the population in our country won't grow too fast.
  3. Government can open the free class to new immigrates, make them learn some English.
  4. In America everyone is equal, so they have equal chance to get education, they needn't worry about the tuition.
  5. New immigration must pass the test then they can get the green card.
So it is up to you, Mister or Madam President. For our better living environment ,better standard of living,  and our country's economy, immigration issue is very important. This country is in your hands, Mister or Madam President. Please take care of your people and our country. God bless you.