Olivia D. New York

Homelessness and Hunger

I believe that homelessness and hunger should be stopped.

Dear Future President,

As a nation, we deal with many problems. It is the president’s job to fix them. The two biggest problems that I think we are facing are homelessness and hunger. Both need to be stopped. Let’s start with homelessness. Tens of thousands of veterans are homeless. They fought for our country and come back with no home. Also, almost half a million people are homeless. One fourth of them are children. 138,000 people without a home are kids under the age of 18. Kids should not have to grow up without a place to live. A big question for the homeless: What are they going to do in the colder months if they’re not in a warm environment? Take New York City for example. The streets are filled with people begging for money, food, and help. In some towns, homeless people look the same as any other person with a home, and no one will know. Most people without a house find it hard to find food as well.

That takes us to hunger. 1 in 6 people in America face hunger. So, in a place with 6,000 people, 1,000 of them face hunger. Also, 40% of food is thrown out in the US every year which is about $165 billion worth. All of this uneaten food could feed 25 million Americans.

If both of these problems in our country can be fixed, we can focus on many others such as animal violence, abuse, and rights. Thank you for reading this letter.


Olivia D. 

Center Moriches Middle School

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