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Illegal Immigration

Hello my name is Carlito R. I am fourteen years old, turning fifteen in a few weeks. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I honestly do not know much about politics; but I know enough to recognize that our government has a serious issue regarding illegal immigration. I think that it should be handled in a fair way. I care about immigration because my father and his parents came here from Cuba. I feel that immigrants should be able to come to the United States and become citizens but they should do it the right way.

Dear Future President,

I hope that you can look at the illegal immigration issue, it has been a problem in the United States for a long time. Many people come to the United States for a better life and more opportunities, they want a fresh start. I am against people coming to the United States illegally because it does cause many problems. Some of the negative impacts that illegal immigration cause would be; the country's economy, education, and threatens homeland security.

There are approximately eleven million illegal immigrants in the United States as of 2016. Every year this number raises, the more it raises the more money the United States loses. We are already in debt trillions of dollars. The United States economy is almost like a plank of plywood and the illegal immigrant population is a heavy weight on it; the more weight of the illegal immigrants will force the plywood to one day snap. Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes and have approximately eight million jobs here in the US. This makes it harder for American citizens to find jobs. I feel that you should consider making them citizens so they can contribute and pay taxes or you should deport them.

Education is impacted by illegal immigration also. Since schools are funded through taxes and illegal immigrants do not pay taxes to the schools, schools have to suffer now. Requesting even more taxes from more US citizens and now we suffer too. Schools have to make budget cuts to keep the school running and to make up for the lost money. Since the children of illegal immigrants do not speak English schools have to pay more money to provide additional help for these students. Please consider making the parents citizens so they can pay taxes for their children to attend school.

The last issue is homeland security and how illegal immigration threatens it. After 9/11 any type of immigration from any country has been taken very seriously because we are trying to keep security within the United States, not placing US citizens at risk. Illegal immigration could allow terrorism into the US since we have no background information on the immigrants. I feel that you need to continue to support the Department of Homeland Security so that they may keep our borders safe.

Future President I appreciate your time into reading my letter. Please take my suggestions into consideration during your presidency. I feel that these could help positively impact our country if you address them properly.

Thank you,

Carlito R.

Northview High School

3rd Hour

Mrs. Pitt's 3rd hour 9th grade English students.

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