David New York

There Are Too Many Mass Shootings

Mass shootings have become a huge problem for this nation, and they need to be stopped.

Dear Mr. President,

The country we currently live in is a disaster! There are many things that currently plague this country, but one thing stands out above all.

When I was a little boy, life seemed so kind and innocent. It seemed as if everything was great, and nothing in the world could hurt me. That feeling lasted all of six years of my life, until that tragic day. One day when I was six, I remember my mother on the phone with tears running down her face like a leaky faucet. She stood there awhile, until she trembled to her knees in pain. She was just informed that my uncle, and several others, had been shot and killed in a public park somewhere in North Carolina. She had been very close with her brother since they were little kids, and losing him still hurts her to this day. Seeing my mother like that, and losing my uncle at such a young age was a traumatizing for a child as young as I was. Let’s stand together, and try to prevent the future children of this nation from being traumatized like I was.

In recent years, mass shootings have become way too common. Mass hysteria and fear flood the streets of this nation, as its citizens don’t know what to do or where to go. People are fearing for their lives when they just step out of their doors in the morning, not knowing when it will be their last. As CNN,a trusted news source for many U.S citizens, states “The United States has more mass shootings than any other country in the world.” They also stated that “31% of all public mass shootings take place in the U.S each year,” and if that’s not saying that there is a problem, I don’t know what will.

This is a colossal problem, but there are things that can be done in order to end the horror that is mass shootings. Strict gun laws are essential when providing a nation with safety, and in this nation the gun laws aren’t strict enough. Everyone in the process of purchasing any sort of firearm or weapon, shough go through a very deep and thorough background check. After the background check, it should be reviewed by another professional, to insure that nothing was missed. Any person with any sort of criminal record or history of violence, should be prohibited from purchasing anything that could harm another human being. This is what’s necessary as a nation to insure the safety of our fellow Americans, and make for a better tomorrow.

So, Mr. President, do you want to be held responsible for all of the families, like mine and many others, who are torn apart each year, or do you want to be a part of the solution? The choice is in your hands Mr. President. Do you want to preserve this beautiful country we live in, or let it rot? The decision is yours.   



Gloversville High School

English 12

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