Taylor R. New Jersey

Gun control

Gun control

Taylor Rogosich

West milford twp. High school

67 highlander drive

West milford nj 07480

3th November 2016

Dear future President

1600 Pennsylvania

Washington DC 20500

Dear Future President

Hello my name is Taylor Rogosich I am freshman student at west milford high school and I wanna talk to you about gun control many people believe that guns should be aloud and other believe that guns are for protection and as long as ur in the right mindset you should be able to have own a gun i'm one of those people

I belive that gun control is good but a harsh because I read ( on gun-control.procon.org that ) felons an mentally ill people can not own a gun and I belive this to but I also read on how if ur homeless then you cant own a gun witch I do not agree with because what if you live a good life and u get fired and you lose ur house and you got given money for food and protection and you wanted to buy a gun ro protect ur family and they tell you no because your homeless thats just not right.

This came into effect because too many people were getting their hands on guns that should not be getting guns so they had to put a limit on the guns so gun control came into effect this is so that anyone who wants to buy a gun has to go through a background check to make sure they're safe and they have to have their gun license. With the gun licenses it shows that you know how to use a gun and you're saying that you'll use it correctly. Not use it for the wrong reasons.


Taylor Rogosich