Ian K. Wisconsin

Bullying is a Problem in Schools everywhere!

In most schools, bullying is a big problem. We do not want bullying in our schools and we want to stop it. So why does bullying exist? Let stomp out bullying.

Dear President, my name is Ian Knox. I will be talking about how bullying is a big problem in schools, all the way from Elementary School up to High School.

 A bully is someone who gets jealous of what that one student has, so the bully starts to pick on the student. The bully will start to call the student cruel names, and tell them that should not be here and go away for every so that that don't have to see them anymore. Most students listen to the bully and never come back to school again, which at this stage the students think, "Well I'm not useful anymore," so they end up committed suicide.

 Kids should enjoy their life and not let any person tell them they are useless and being called cruel names. Bullying is very hard to deal with, most children will ask parents and teachers. The parents and teachers will tell the kid to go and talk to the bully, but they are so scared to face the bully. Sometimes the parents will talk to the bully themselves, and ask "Why are you hurting my child?" "How did it all start out?" Teachers will be wondering "What had gone wrong?" The bully will have to soon meet with the principal. The principal will and then, ask "Why are you hurting this student?" "Why are they not at school?" The bully may be embarrassed to confess, but the bully will have to say, "I was wrong to hurt the student, I was just jealous of what he/she had." 

The student may still be scared of the bully, but the bully may not pick on them anymore, he/she (the student) may be asking themselves, "Hum? The bully final stopped picking me. I wonder if the bully was told not to bully me anymore?" 

 These are my reasons for bullying, and how I disagree with bullying and it should stop right away, as soon as someone is making fun of you, get help right away! Bullying is in every school. Stomp out bullying right away, and get help!                                                                                                                            Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                       Ian Knox                                                                                                                                                                   

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