Jackie New Jersey

Incarceration Law

Our proposition to lower the criminal rates and get the country out of debt.

Dear future president,

The incarceration rates are extremely high, matter of fact the rates are 1.4 million people this year. We have a plan to lower these rates. So say there is this woman, she made a drunken mistake when she was 19 and she realized how bad what she did was when she turned 25 and wanted to become a teacher. By law she can not become a teacher because of her mistake. We have a proposition to make, our idea is anyone with a criminal record should be out on parole this is so that people like the woman can get jobs even if they made a mistake when they were younger.

We also believe that the question “Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?” should only be asked if the job is concerning sick people, children, or animals. Next, we feel the “Ban the box” provision funded by governor Chris Christie should take more effect depending on the job the past criminal would like to work at.

We think our proposal for the parole law will lower the imprisonment rates by a lot, by showing them that they can have a job and prison is not the only solution. Also if the imprisonment rates lower we can use more of our country's tax money to help with the debt crisis.

Thank you for your time, we hope this law can take effect soon.


Jackie and Abby